Our Vision

To set the highest standard of creative work with a rich motivational and edifying content, to provide efficient and prompt services to clients eager to create a name in the excellence arena and to be the leading innovative service provider in terms of inventiveness and revolutionary possibilities.

Why Us?

InterSafe International LLC. Is a well-established company since 2011 with a strong reputation in the specialized vehicle conversion industry. Our vast knowledge within in the medical field and maintaining quality standards (ISO90001) gives us a huge advantage in the competitive market worldwide.

excellance Excellent Designing

Our ambulances, fire and rescue vehicles, mobile clinics and all other products are handcrafted and customized as per our customer’s requirement. We believe in high quality production and keep evolving with time to add new techniques and technology for superior quality. Over the years, we have perfected our designs for the sole purpose of providing maximum comfort and convenience to our customers.

excellance Convenience to Paramedix

Our emergency vehicles are designed in a way to provide maximum convenience to paramedics, keeping in view the maneuverability of a paramedic within the vehicle. After years of research and innovation, we have made sure that our vehicles have plenty of room to maneuver and are also equipped with everything required at the time of emergency, making the job of paramedics smoother and more efficient.

excellance Comfortable to patient

Comfort to the patient is our top priority - and for that, our ambulances and other safety vehicles are designed in a way that ensures maximum possible ease for the patient. As quality is our top priority, we are keen on keeping up with the technology advances and including them in our vehicles.